Jan 30, 2009

The Mind

The Mind
By Patrick Harnish
January 29, 2009

The mind is a fragile place
Sometimes dozing into space
Taking for granted all you know
Hoping the mind will grow

The birds around you chirp loud
Your mind filled with a cloud
You think of better days
But what would I say

I was on the computer today
And knew that I would be okay
I wrote to them that night
As I found myself in fright

They said talk to the school today
And everything will be okay
I spoke up very loud and cried
I knew they were on my side

As they whisked me away
I heard my self say
Thanks to you my friend
That this is not my end

My mind is open and alive
Again I was able to thrive
Peace and joy in my life
With no danger or strife

Off I go happy and unafraid
No need for a new Band-Aid
A love so kind and sweet
That I didn’t miss a beat

I will keep you in my prayers
And know that someone cares.

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