Apr 9, 2013

My Inspiration

In the last 5 years many children and there parents looked to me for help, and received help, but everytime I go into the field, I find that they are my inspiration. The ultimate love they have for their child when they are hurt or down gives me hope that there is an untapped potential in society. Those parents get to the point where they will walk to the end of the earth for there child. Would you as a parents. School bullying is not an easy task, in fact we know its a very hard road to try and navigate, and schools do not make it easy either for a parent to get answers or help. I have dedicated my life to answering there question, and it has been a pleasure, but what comes after that is simply amazing in their transformation. I look to how your family grows, and flourishes after my visit, and warms my heart to see a peace return to your family, and the true resolve you have to see it through. Sometimes, the only way to correct what has been done is the court system.

This is no easy task, and never is. Hours of documentation, listening to facts and events from your child, seeing the hurt they carry, trying to keep oneself composed, and ultimately feeling the effects of it in the end. Some parents get so angry and frustrated, that the first order of business before I can even look at what they have is to help them step outside of the situation and calm them down. I will be frank in saying, that it is not easy to see your child hurt every single day, and sometimes coping with that is not easy to do, but the stress it adds to the child doesn't help matters. Once that occurs, I am able to help the family find closure, and sometimes that means that I need to sit with the school, the parent, and discuss options, and bring to light all that is occurring. Sometimes administrations are aware, and sometimes they are not, but there is no excuse for allowing a child to be tortured in or out of a school environment.

One of the highlights of my life, was being able to meet these families and travel all over the state of Iowa, and even some other states when I can. Truth be told, it should never have to happen at all, but when you have a broken system, and kids feel free to rule the school, you tend to find more of this occurring, more books being written, more abuse that in time add to the already broken system. The public is footing the bill for every child who successfully wins a case, regardless of a law, yet they turn there head and say "kids will be kids". I have said in the past that the amount of the damage society is causing is going to soar in the mental health system for fixing the problems that are occurring to these young children, and over time you can bet you bill to the state is going to get heavier in cost, and in 30 years talk about tripling your cost, just imagine that.