Aug 21, 2013

Federal Judge OK's Sexual harrassment, Peer Abuse, and Violations of Civil Rights in any school.

The saddest "opinion" of a judge comes to light via a lawsuit against St. Mary's school in Fond du Lac, Wis.. A valid question would be why we send our children to an environment which is clearly in need of overhaul, and not safe for students to attend and get an education? These schools are prison's for students to be abused and schools who have little or no repercussions from transpiring safety issues. Granted, this young man took quite a bit of abuse, and one would expect him to stand up for himself, but not in the eyes of the court. If your child stands up for themselves, they are at a loss in the eyes of the court, and  Federal Judge Stadtmueller . One could ask why these students abuse in the first place, drugs, home life, or the upper class that pay their way, and they get off scott-free. 

To make a point of how bad this judge is, he went so far as to make an opinion, one without much thought or merit to his trivial line of questioning, but in the end condoned that schools cannot stop this, and as such it should happen without any recourse whatsoever for the child or family. The family has had vandalism to their home, and a community of wealthy Catholics that condone the abusive behavior.

This at a time when Catholics are known from the past for abuses on children, and this school just makes it look all the worse. This federal judge has just ultimately said that you do not have civil rights, and if they are violated, that it is blatantly OK to do so. Why this judge still presides is beyond me, as he is not looking after the interests of the people. Ok, so these kids don't have civil rights, which means that everything to date that was fought for was all for nothing, and apparently those in power think the same. Every organization that deals with Anti-Bullying, or deals with civil rights, rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, etc. needs to take note of this, and parents need to rethink about home-schooling there children. We are living in a country where schools are no longer safe for a child to attend school.

According to US and Judge Scalia "if they abandon their role as careful and cautious interpreters of the Constitution, they become unelected legislators. According to Justice Antonin Scalia, "The Constitution is not an empty bottle....It is like a statute, and the meaning doesn't change." Despite the debate over what constitutes the appropriate amount of judicial power, the United States federal courts remain the most powerful judicial system in world history. Their power is enhanced by life terms for judges and justices, and they play a major role in promoting the core American values of freedom, equality, and justice."

I don't know, but maybe this judge has lost touch with reality, maybe he doesn't care. I am going to post some of the news articles below. I hope the family appeals to get justice for N.K. and the treatment the judge admits he took while in school. If you have a child who attends these Catholic schools, I would start asking questions of your children, because apparently these schools have a lot to hide, but don't worry they will not be made to answer for any of it.

This case involved racial slurs, unwanted touches, teasing, harassment on Facebook, and slurs over his perceived sexual orientation.

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