Sep 29, 2010

Let Me Help

Let me help you

I hear it everyday now
but I will not submit and bow
a child needs me I am there
because I do care

Looking at all the death
Id give my last breath
to stop the hurt and pain
so a child does not die in vein

Take the hand I hold out to you
I know you see and feel it too
I will show you the way
to a brighter and better day

Walk with me and tell me all
I will not let you fall
I am right by your side
and will open your mind wide

Say no to the light
I will help you fight
If ever you are down
I will lift that frown

Stand tall, walk hard
In your hand you hold the card
I will help you understand
and you will be able to stand

Reach out and touch the sky
you are on a mountain high
Breathe a sigh of relief
and know you to can believe.

Sep 26, 2010

The Truth

The Truth

Many people know the truth inside
but they still do run and hide
come on out to the light
and bring out your inner might

Speak loud and clear for all to hear
That truth inside, you should not fear
Dig down deep and relieve that pain
before it becomes a burden and stain

Speak with me now, and gain your power
Dont wait another minute or hour
Stand strong, stand tall, and tell it all
to those who may be big and small

Let your voice guide your way
for you are here to stay
Please I ask this with my plea
so you will open your eyes and see

A world with love, and grace within
Even if we are not the best and sin
Join with us now, and let yourself be heard
and give yourself flight like that of a bird.

What do you see, what do you hear
Its quiet now, no sorrow, no tears.

Take our hands, and hold tight
We will give you strength and might.
When your loneley, and sad, and down
we will turn your frown upside down.

We are here for you in your time of need
when all there seems to be is greed
Listen with your heart and mind
You will see we are very kind.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Today was a first
A craving a thirst
To find those fallen
The lord was callin

New beginning in time
Like a wind chime
Seeing the world anew
Can this be true

New beginnings a winds call
Tell to stand proud and tall
If ever you are lost
Come in and bare no cost

Nice and gentle they are
Lots of them near and far
A shoulder to lean on
A handshake that spawns

A world with belonging
Full of worship and singing
The sun overhead is hot
The crowd not like robots

Finding this world a blessing
Does not keep me guessing
Do I reach out to the others
Or stay under my covers

If I am lost will they be there for me
To hold me up, and help me see
God is yet my mystery and confusion
Is he but a glimpse or an Illusion

My view is rather shattered
In pieces broken and tattered
I need to find out and know
So I can repair and grow.