Nov 17, 2011

The Journey, Interconnectedness

This week I have been in residency. Love it, and I want to talk about the interconnectedness of the world, and relay that message across the world. We as humans desire to have and maintain contacts, and facebook and other social medias show just that. How many did you make contact with on your social network, and does that make you feel good knowing that you can talk to them no matter where they are at on this earth. It is something, up until this point I had not considered in the human condition, how we resonate with one another, how we feel everyday, and who is apart of that social framework. Disturbances that arise in peoples lives because they are isolated, fail at levels of contact, are afraid to open up, and feel destined to be alone in this life. It makes me also think about the damage that is being done across the world, the contacts that we have are really limited. Children also realize the value of being connected, to be able to share, trust, and feel as if they are included. Without that feeling many fall into despair, and some fall into crisis. This week has rejuvinated in me what it means to connect and fulfill that need, relate to others in a way that not only feels great, but showed me and others that the connections we made will last for a lifetime. It is such a powerful feeling to have these newly formed friends, to be able to share, trust, and be able to identify with. I encourage all children affected by bullying to reach out, and know you are not alone in this world. You have got to see this