Oct 17, 2011

PTSD and complex trauma

A major breakthrough has happened on bullying even if they don't realize it already. How it effects us as a person, our mind, and the control it has over us has been discovered. However, not completely in the effects that remain such as migraines to name one. Can bullying a child and expecting them to rationally have a knowledge-base of how to interpret data from a narrowed capacity due to trauma, no.

Adults have to start stepping up, start educating those who are hurt, because the knowledge you help to build within the childs mental warding off ability is their true lifeline to figuring out the details "they don't understand".

Everything we do daily is emotional, physical, and takes a lot out of a child trying to learn in an abusive environment. Repeated abuses shut down this window of opportunity during a time when the sheaths are forming (middle school) around the wiring in the brain. For example, if you are right handed and use a mouse with your left hand, imagine how you can do that after a while with some practice. It's uncomfortable, awkward  and to say the least frustrating.You have essentially trained a new skill. Imagine going into school daily and feeling this way, the frustrations you must encounter, and have no way to understand it. Children who go through bullying ARE LEARNING a negative skill. How to close you out, their mind starts narrowing in what it can learn, and further adaptation is thwarted. Isolation becomes a factor in the process of this shutdown. Memories will have emotions tagged to them without the ability to integrate normally.

Thus, you have untagged memories that are "stuck" in a time and space that remains unresolved, until someone steps in to interrupt the impeding process. Giving the right information for them to be able to apply is easy enough should the person "know" what the child is experiencing. It is why it is crucial to have an environment that allows information to flow freely, and is safe for them. The child has to be able to click with the information and self realize to more effectively deal with the information that they hold in the mind. After information is released it is important to rectify it to its end,  and release the emotional hold that has been attached to it for so long. What has been placed in the subconscious has to be brought forward in a way that is in the present, and remains there for further exploration. The studies and new theories address this, and up until now I was unaware of them.They bring good insight to any counselor in the field today.
Authors like:
Robert Scaer: The Vagal System
Robert Scaer: The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds and Human Resiliency
Emotion Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma
Emotional Freedom Techniques
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).