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Sep 29, 2010

Let Me Help

Let me help you

I hear it everyday now
but I will not submit and bow
a child needs me I am there
because I do care

Looking at all the death
Id give my last breath
to stop the hurt and pain
so a child does not die in vein

Take the hand I hold out to you
I know you see and feel it too
I will show you the way
to a brighter and better day

Walk with me and tell me all
I will not let you fall
I am right by your side
and will open your mind wide

Say no to the light
I will help you fight
If ever you are down
I will lift that frown

Stand tall, walk hard
In your hand you hold the card
I will help you understand
and you will be able to stand

Reach out and touch the sky
you are on a mountain high
Breathe a sigh of relief
and know you to can believe.

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