Sep 26, 2010

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Today was a first
A craving a thirst
To find those fallen
The lord was callin

New beginning in time
Like a wind chime
Seeing the world anew
Can this be true

New beginnings a winds call
Tell to stand proud and tall
If ever you are lost
Come in and bare no cost

Nice and gentle they are
Lots of them near and far
A shoulder to lean on
A handshake that spawns

A world with belonging
Full of worship and singing
The sun overhead is hot
The crowd not like robots

Finding this world a blessing
Does not keep me guessing
Do I reach out to the others
Or stay under my covers

If I am lost will they be there for me
To hold me up, and help me see
God is yet my mystery and confusion
Is he but a glimpse or an Illusion

My view is rather shattered
In pieces broken and tattered
I need to find out and know
So I can repair and grow.

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