Sep 5, 2013 and Facebook: A threat to all children for gaming.

Over the last year, I have watched these chats, and often replies from the company itself condones the behavior of the chats as part of the game, when in fact there is a lot of malicious activity that occurs to personal lives of children, even real life fighting. These games are purported to be free, but there is obvious competition in who can outspend the other person, and then when someone won't spend money on the game, then the ruthless attacks begin. Below are some images that even Kixeye cannot deny comes from their war commander game. These players are brutal when the other players won't coin, and in fact in some of the observation, they would have spent thousands in the war itself with all the repairs they seem to instantly make all the time.

As a society, parents should know what their children are up to on the internet with games, and yes there are some pretty young children on these games.They see this activity first-hand and some even start to chime in on the activity after a while. If we are so concerned about the nature of our children hurting others, or getting ideas from the gaming environment that will potentially spill past that environment in schools, and at home. Is it a surprise that children are telling other children they should kill themselves, or is this becoming a common-place activity via gaming environments with no oversight, checks, or balances to these systems. I would imagine that Kixeye would say to report this kind of behavior to make itself look better, but in fact many do, and no response back on tickets, or if there is a response at all, its just part of the game. Below are some pictures taken today from the game chat, and this is pretty light for the chat in these games.

I want to encourage parents to watch their children and know what they are being exposed to online. Fighting has occurred outside the game in real life over conflicts that developed in the game. People with these games add each other, but fail to even look at who they are, how old they are, and most just add them without further questions asked.
Here is a snapshot of Kixeyes Website:

These are the kixeye games so parents can be more aware of what they are playing, and to keep them away from these companies, and players.

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